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HMEC offers the full line of premium quality OAPulley, One-way Pulley, Free Wheel Clutch Pulley.
As the supplier of Rotating Electrical units and components, HMEC is committed to quality. And here is some information about how we've designed our OAPulleys for superior performance.

Today’s high RPM engines with drive belts running multiple engine components create significant strain on the alternator.  The OAPulley is intended to control the constantly changing belt speed extending alternator life. 
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HMEC’s OAPulley design is based on our Needle Bearing. HMEC has over 20 years of experience with needle bearing. This robust design is critical to our OAPulley’s performance in its main functions – extend alternator life and belt system protection. The HMEC OAPulley is designed to slip in case of internal failure to protect the alternator and automatic belt tensioner reducing maintenance cost. The alert vehicle cluster detects alternator malfunction to prevent an ultimate failure. HMEC is developing dynamic models for testing OAPulley dynamics in order to continuously improve performance. No one wants to do a job twice. HMEC is constantly looking for ways to ensure that the products we offer our customers are going to perform to the highest standards. HMEC Needle Bearing Factory is one of the largest manufacturers of needle bearing in China serving as an OE supplier since 2001. When you install an HMEC OAPulley, you can be confident it is going to last.

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